Could Purnell mount a challenge?

Could Purnell mount a challenge?

What do we think of the Guido “report”?

There’s a piece just been published on Guido that I’m putting up here because it does sound plausible.

Guido writes: ” a source has just phoned, claiming to be at the drinks reception for North West Labour Party parliamentary researchers, where James Purnell has just told them that, if no credible candidate comes forward by noon tomorrow, he himself will stand..”

Purnell, through his actions on Thursday night, has shown himself to be less fearful of the Number 10 machine than just about anybody. He’s also a good communicator and someone, I believe, who would get considerable media backing if he did put his hat into the ring. If this is true then I think he’d have a good chance.

If anybody is going to make a serious challenge then Purnell could be the man.

An interesting evening….

Mike Smithson

Update 8.40pm …

Guido has retracted this story.

Double Carpet

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