Check out Marf’s great cartoon..

Check out Marf’s great cartoon..

We are working on our technical issues – but there’s no quick fix

PB’s cartoonist, Marf, has done a brilliant drawing this morning – but I’m having problems uploading it.

You can see it by going to PB Channel 2 or her site

We are looking urgently at the technical issues of coping with the mass of traffic that we’ve been getting – 1.35 million page views in the first week of June alone. This is far in excess of any other political blog and most media sites.

To put that into context – we’ve had nearly twice traffic in the first week of this month than in the whole of September 2007 when the prospective autumn election was dominating everything.

As well as the technical solution we’ve got to find a business model that provides the funding to give users the the service they rightly expect and demand.

Mike Smithson

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