Getting the latest on the European Elections

Getting the latest on the European Elections

Who will be laughing and who will be crying?

So tonight sees the release of the results of the European Parliamentary Elections – 736 MEPs (plus 18 ‘virtual MEPs’ who will be seated if the Lisbon Treaty is passed) will be elected by and electorate of 350 million potential voters from 27 countries containing 500 million citizens.

The Dutch have already allowed some results to leak, with Geert Wilders’ ‘Freedom Party’ coming a close second behind the governing party. In the UK we are expecting UKIP to perhaps steal second place from Labour overall, with the Greens and BNP both hoping to exceed expectations.

Having talked it over with the editorial team, we’re going to try and focus on the UK results on (the main site) and Double Carpet will be covering a selection of the Continental results over on Channel 2 – please bookmark

At the head of this article, you can see a live Twitter Feed which is searching the hashtag #eu09 – this is likely to be the largest European Elections Twitter Feed, and Twitterers (like myself @Morus1516) will be using the hastag #eu09 as well as a country specific hashtag (like #uk) to allow for the Twitter feed to be filtered by country.

I’ll be joining Iain Dale and Hopi Sen over at Play Radio’s phone-in show from 6pm – you can get the details from Iain’s post here

More updates through the evening – this could be another fantastic election night on Whether you are a regular commenter or have never commented before, please send us your tips and views. The more the merrier.


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