Marf on Darling’s homes and the YouGov poll we missed

Marf on Darling’s homes and the YouGov poll we missed


And it’s not much change from the online pollster

With all the other big political news I missed a new YouGov poll in the Telegraph this morning. The headline Westminster figures were CON 39(nc): LAB 22(-1): LDEM 18(-1). Clearly these have been affected by Thursday’s Euro election and “others” are at a very high level.

The Lib Dems will de disappointed that there’s no confirmation of the progress that the ICM poll found yesterday but the online pollster has in recent years produced some of the lowest ratings for the third party.

The Tories will be pleased to remain close to 40% while Labour’s woes continue.

There are EU election figures in the story but it’s hard doing a full extrapolation. Asked how they would vote on Thursday, Labour was 17%, UKIP 16%, LDs 15% with the Tories on 27%.

The online pollster, which overstated UKIP in 2004, has changed its approach for this election and is not prompting for the anti-EU party on its opening screen. This is perhaps why its numbers are lower than the Populus ones.

The main angle being covered by the paper is that 60% of those surveyed want an early general election – 18% within weeks and 42% by the autumn. This is going to be the consistent call in the coming days and weeks.

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