Labour down to just 18 with MORI

Labour down to just 18 with MORI

CON 40(-1) LAB 18(-10) LD 18 (4)

The “others” break down:
* Scottish/Welsh national: 4%
* Greens: 6%
* UKIP: 7%
* BNP: 4%
* Other: 3%

It must be remembered that MORI have a very strict filter on their headline figures and ONLY include those who are 100% certain to vote. This can have the effect of the pollster showing quite turbulent findings. Clearly, at the moment, Labour supporters have little certainty to vote – hence the 18% poll share.

I stand to be corrected but the 18% Westminster share must be the lowest total ever for Labour and for a governing party. Confidence seems to have just collapsed.

Just 18% (compared to 23% last month) are satisfied with the way the Government is running the country, and more than three-quarters (77%, vs. 70% last month) are dissatisfied.

Dissatisfaction with the Government is now at the level it was during the Black Wednesday crisis. This is notable as the Government has now been in power a similar length of time as John Major’s government was at the time.

A quarter (26%) are satisfied with the way Gordon Brown is doing his job as Prime Minister and seven in ten (69%) are dissatisfied. This is a drop from last month’s ratings, which showed 32% satisfied and 60% dissatisfied.

David Cameron’s ratings have also declined since last month. While over half (51%, compared to 52% last month) remain satisfied with the way he is doing his job as leader of the Conservative Party, more than a third (35%) are now dissatisfied, up from 29% last month.

Nick Clegg is the only one of the three leaders to see improved satisfaction ratings this month. Nearing half (45%) are satisfied with the way he is doing his job as leader of the Liberal Democrats, and 23% are dissatisfied. This represents a real improvement for the Liberal Democrat leader, as last month 39% were satisfied and 25% dissatisfied with Clegg.

Mike Smithson

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