Has this now become a daily occurrence?

Has this now become a daily occurrence?


How many more are in the pipe-line?

After all the pressure it’s hardly surprising that Julie Kirkbride has bowed to the inevitable and announced that she won’t be standing again. Margaret Moran’s future always looked in doubt right from the start of the Telegraph’s disclosures.

But how long is this going to go on. Are we going to see at least one a day between now and the general election? Will there come a time when the public’s thirst for sacking is quenched and we can get back to a normality?

It’s hard to say – but it’s worth pointing out that yet another key campaigning day for the June 4th elections has gone by without the key issues being examined.

It’s said that some UKIP strategists think this affair is going to hurt them – simply because it’s so hard in the current climate getting their message on Europe across.

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Mike Smithson

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