An afternoon with Alistair Campbell

An afternoon with Alistair Campbell


What would the great spinner have done about Johnson?

This thread has been “prepared earlier” because I’m off to Wembley for the Championship play-off final between my team, Burnley, and Sheffield United. This’ll be the third time that the “Clarets” have played at Wembley since 1962 and I will have been there on every occasion.

Burnley’s most well-know supporter is, of course, Alistair Campbell and I’m sure he’ll be amongst the crowds this afternoon as will the town’s MP, the St Paul’s Girl’s School and Balliol College Oxford-educated minister, Kitty Ussher, who lists “supporting Burnley Football Club” amongst her interests.

It’s said that Kitty has a season ticket but rarely attends matches. Maybe she’ll make it to Wembley today because it’s much more convenient for her London home which has been the subject of the Telegraph’s expenses exposes. Last month this was designated her “main home”. According to the Burnley Express in January Kitty spoke 112 times in the house during 2008 without mentioning Burnley once.

Her seat is Lib Dem Labour target number 21. I wonder whether she’ll renew her season ticket after the election?

Meanwhile the focus within her party today might be on Alan Johnson’s Times article which could be be seen as part of a leadership plot.

Mike Smithson

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