What’s Dave going to press today?

What’s Dave going to press today?


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With Martin going and a new expenses regime coming in most of the heat has been taken out of the current explosive issues.

Yet we are just two weeks away from the June 4th elections – the last major occasion before the general election when the nation as a whole will vote. All parties will want to lay down markers for that election.

So my guess is that Cameron will build on the general election call theme that seems to be a central part of his June 4th campaign. The idea seems to be to make the Euro and local election to be about Brown in the hope that it will cut down the number of waverers to other parties.

Brown will want to show that it is he who has taken the lead on the expenses issue. Backbench Labour MPs will, no doubt, use the occasion to pay tribute to Michael Martin.

We have not got long to wait. It starts at noon.

Mike Smithson

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