Could Alan Beith win his final campaign?

Could Alan Beith win his final campaign?


The money piles on the Lib Dem after he declares his candidature?

The big mover on the Next Speaker Betting markets has been the veteran Lib Dem MP Alan Beith who first entered the commons 36 years ago at the Berwick upon Tweed by election.

What marks Beith out is that he’s declared that he’s a runner and that, surely, must now rule out fellow Lib Dem, Ming Campbell who was scarred by one of the Daily Telegraph exposes.

I’ve just got back from London and while on the train got bets on at 12/1 with William Hill and 10/1 with Ladbrokes. The best, less than an hour later, is 6/1 and Beith is now in the second favourite slot.

The old Etonian, Sir George Young, chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee is still in the favourite slot at 5/1.

This is going to run and keep us all amused for the next five weeks.

There’s a good description of the voting system in the Times here. For a comprehensive look at the background and the voting last time check out this excellent article by MORUS here.

Mike Smithson

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