Labour get 20% from the pollster that can’t be arsed

Labour get 20% from the pollster that can’t be arsed

CON 42 (-3) LAB 20(-3) LD 15 (-2)

All the main parties take a BPIX hit

The first poll of the weekend is out and shows that all the main parties are taking a hit with others reaching an an amazing 23%. The comparisons above are with the firm’s last survey a week ago.

Clearly a lot of this is down to the expenses scandal – but we must take into account the Euro elections effect – polling around the time of these elections every five years usually goes a bit hay-wire with greater awareness of the smaller parties who see their Westminster numbers rise as well.

The experience, of course, is that by the time of the general election others will be down to 8-9%.

This is starting to get routine – but the Labour 20% is probably the lowest poll show for the party since proper surveys begand in the lead up to the 1945 election.

We’ve still got ComRes to come tonight.

  • BPIX is NOT a member of the British Polling Council and does not provide detailed data on its polls. For that reason I tend to give it less credence than those pollsters who can be arsed to join. BPIX’s continued refusal is a disgrace.
  • Mike Smithson

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