What if Charles Clarke’s patience finally snaps?

What if Charles Clarke’s patience finally snaps?


Could he be the stalking horse to bring Brown down?

LabourHome is carrying a piece suggesting that “former Cabinet Minister is rumoured to be prepared to stand as a stalking horse candidate to trigger a leadership election”

Clarke has always been one of Brown’s most furious Labour party critics and quite often when “former cabinet minsters” are quoted on Brown-related issues the assumption is that it’s the former home secretary. Certainly Clarke has never been at the top of Gord’s Christmas card list.

Iain Dale, meanwhile has his own angle on this reporting ..a very reputable Labour parliamentary source claims that “Gordon is hating being Prime Minister.”

Perhaps the most dangerous assumption we can make is that things will go on as they are. In the current febrile atmosphere something might just snap.

Mike Smithson

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