Spread punters continue to dump Labour

Spread punters continue to dump Labour

Sporting Index Spread Markets

At what stage will Labour bottom out?

The above are the latest Commons seats spread prices from SportingIndex which have seen further movement away from Labour and an advance for the Lib Dems. Brown’s party is now at its lowest ever level following the latest two seat shift.

On the other main market, Extrabet, the numbers are broadly the same – the only difference being the Lib Dem spread which is at 46 – 49 seats.

Only the Tory level has remained static and my guess is that we won’t see much movement there until new polls come out.

Since the budget we have only had ComRes and YouGov surveys and I would really like to see an ICM or a Populus just to provide reinforcement that they are in the same territory.

On a personal level my Labour sell and Lib Dem buy positions have now moved enough to move than cover the difference between the buy and sell price so, theoretically at least, I could close them down now and make a profit.

Mike Smithson

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