So what did we think of that?

So what did we think of that?

Will the initial reaction be the one that sticks?

One thing we have learned since 1997 is that the reaction on the day of the budgets themselves is usually a lot more positive than how it’s viewed by the weekend.

I thought Darling delivered it well and Cameron’s spirited response was effective. Clegg was OK too.

But the government needed this to be a game-changer and I’m not sure that it is. The 50% tax rate will certainly put the Tories on the spot but the underlying numbers are so awful.

From my personal betting standpoint it’s been pretty good.

I made money on my SportingIndex sell bets on the number of times “billion” and “education” were mentioned but lost on the sips of water total. Net profit there £240.

My 5/1 William Hill bet on him not having any water came in at 5/1. Overall profit £125.

My 3/1 Ladbrokes bet on “credit crunch” was a winner but “sorry” was a loser. Net profit about £95.

So total winnings on the 2009 budget £460.

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