What’s all this going to do to the polls?

What’s all this going to do to the polls?

Is it just the political nerds who are interested?

After such an intensive period of dramatic political developments I just wonder how this is going down amongst the voters at large.

Are they really responding in the way that the Westminster village seems to be and, of course, posters on PB’s threads which are now running to record lengths?

Or could it be that when the next polls come out over the weekend and early next week that we don’t see not that much change?

I’m very mindful of the polling response to the original Damien Green arrest last November. This story dominated the bulletins for days yet the polling movement was almost nil.

There are quite a lot of polls in the pipe-line. I’m expecting that the Indy on Sunday’s ComRes surveys will be out on Saturday night and we might just get an unscheduled poll in one of the Sundays. I do know that Ipsos-MORI are polling over the weekend and the results will be announced on Tuesday.

There’s also the Guardian’s monthly ICM poll which, if following the normal pattern, could be out on Monday evening.

But what about YouGov? This would normally be due out at the end of the month in the Daily Telegraph though it could be that one of the Sunday’s might have commissioned a special survey.

For details on how the different pollsters operate check out the PB Guide.

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