Will today be the day that we reach ONE MILLION?

Will today be the day that we reach ONE MILLION?

Who’ll submit comment number 1,000,000?

Just five years and two weeks after PB was established at some stage in the next 24 hours somebody is going to submit the one millionth comment.

This is an extraordinary number and an achievement that all who are part of the PB community, lurkers and commenters alike, can feel proud of.

As I write at 4am the total stands at 998,482 – just over 1,500 to go. So it could be later on this evening or perhaps in the early hours of Good Friday that the milestone is reached.

It’s probably quite helpful that politically this is a quiet period because I can see that many regulars have their eye on submitting the one millionth comment and there won’t be that much politics being discussed.

My big fear is that so many will be trying to post as we get close that it could bring the site down. If that happens please be patient.

Thank you to everybody who has helped make PB the place for political discussions.

We’ve had our rough periods, I know, but for the most part there has been a great spirit on the site and it is the quality of the comments that has made PB the success that it has become.

Thank you to everybody.

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