What’ll be the most outrageous MP expense claim?

What’ll be the most outrageous MP expense claim?

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In the next few weeks the whole MPs’ expenses scandal is going to take on a new dimension when full details and documentation covering every member over a three year period are made public.

Tucked away in that mass of information will be odd items that will be even more outrageous and shocking than anything we have seen so far. Jackie Ashley in the Guardian on Monday was saying that the behaviour of some MPs has been so appalling that they might have to resign their seats and by elections will have to be fought.

So what could she be talking about? What item could top the taxpayer funding porn videos?

The competition is in two parts. Firstly for the most amusing entry now. Secondly for the entry that’s closest to what actually happens.

    Please do not mention the names of any individual MPs. Focus on the item that you think might have charged for.

As ever I am the judge here and my word is final. Even when am wrong I am right.

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