It’s no change across the board from YouGov

It’s no change across the board from YouGov

CON 41(nc) LAB 31(nc) LD 17(nc)

The March YouGov survey for the Daily Telegraph is just out and the numbers are exactly the same as those in the Sunday Times survey from the pollster a week and a half ago.

There’s not really much to say about it.

The key differences between the firm and the other pollsters is that all its surveys are restricted to members of its polling panel – and “certainty to vote” is never used as part of the headline figure calculation. Maybe this is because that members of the panel, through the very fact of them belonging, have a greater interest in politics than the adult population at large.

YouGov weight by party ID and its weighting formula is much kinder to Labour than the firms that past vote weight. Over the past seven months YouGov is the only firm not to have reported a Labour share in the 20s.

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