What will Gord’s final message be next time?

What will Gord’s final message be next time?

Is there still the potential to demonise the Tories?

This was Labour’s final election broadcast of the 2005 campaign – which was very similar to the closing messages in 2001 and 1997. Almost everything was based on the threat of what would happen if the Tories managed to win.

Each of Labour three general election victories have been based on very astute negative campaigning and whatever your allegiance you have to concede that it proved it to be highly effective, especially in 2005 in the aftermath of Labour’s Iraq debacle.

The whole thrust last time was aimed at voter turnout and impeding Labour switchers, particularly to the Lib Dems. The party did enough to stay in power.

But what messages will Gord (assuming it is still him) and his team deploy next time? Will it still be a negative “what the Tories will bring” campaign or has that gone beyond its sell by by date.

For once you’ve taken Tory demonisation out of the picture what is there left for Labour to stay? I think Brown Central has a big challenge on its hands.

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