Could Washington ruin Gord’s G20 hopes?

Could Washington ruin Gord’s G20 hopes?

Why won’t they even answer the phone?

A story running tonight suggests that Brown’s plan to use next month’s G20 meeting in London as key part of his personal recovery plan might not work out so smoothly after all.

As the Guardian reports the cabinet secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, told a conference in Gateshead that No 10 was having trouble even getting in touch with key personnel at the US treasury department. “There is nobody there – you cannot believe how difficult it is.”

The main reason, it seems, is that there are still some many major appointments to be made in the Obama administration that there aren’t the people there with the authority to make the decisions.

The PM has invested so much political capital in the G20 gathering and the relationship with the Obama government that this doesn’t look good. O’Donnell’s complaints, however, will certainly not go down well in Washington and could make matters worse.

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