Is this going to give Labour a poll boost?

Is this going to give Labour a poll boost?

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But how long will it last?

So there we have it. Brown’s address to Congress with its series of what was it seventeen separate standing ovations.

The big question is whether it will help Labour’s standing in the polls. For the whole visit, particularly this event, is being reported in positive terms and there’s little doubt that for a British PM to be seen to be lauded in this way will go down well.

My guess is that we will see a boost of some sort for Labour in the coming polls because of the dynamics of polling. As I was arguing yesterday a key factor behind Labour recent decline has been that the party’s supporters are much less certain about whether they will vote or not compared with the other parties.

Favourable coverage of the Congress speech is likely to boost the certainty numbers which will help the headline numbers and dilute the levels of support recorded for the other parties.

The big question is whether this will be sustained and whether a Brown with the benefit of a confidence boost starts to find that the media is reporting him in a more positive light.

We shall see.

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