Can you make money on Gord’s vocabulary?

Can you make money on Gord’s vocabulary?

Link to the betting market

What words will he use in Wednesday’s Congress speech

Ever eager to tempt us to part with our money Ladbrokes have just introduced a market on the words that Gord will us in his speech to Congress in Washington on Wednesday.

On the face of it this should be easy. Brown is not known for the range of his vocabulary and consistently falls back in the same sometimes hackneyed phrases. So how is he going to put things on Wednesday? Just check from the list above.

I’m going for some of the 3/1 shots. Brown cannot talk on anything to do with economic matters without referring to hard-working families– which seems a good bet. Given where everything startedLehman Brothers” is another choice as is the Brown regular – “prudent“. I’ve also gone for the 8/1 on “FDR”.

I should add a caveat – my record on this form of betting is rubbish so check the list yourself and make your own decisions.

It will all add to the interest when you are watching the event.

Polling News. We have yet to have the February ComRes survey for the Independent. Could that be coming out tonight. I’ve no specific information but it would seem quite likely.

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