Has Tony thwarted Gord’s first meeting goal?

Has Tony thwarted Gord’s first meeting goal?

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What will this to do the “Euro-Obama Race” betting

On the day of the inauguration William Hill set up a nice market – which of the top European leaders, Merkel, Sarkozy or Brown, would get to meet Obama first.

Gord got the first phone call to the new man at the White House and there was briefing afterwards about a possible February meeting for him at the White House. This might still happen but we haven’t had any details.

But what are we to make of today’s White House Prayer Breakfast at which Tony Blair played a prominent role? Is this going to mess up Brown’s plan to be the first leader there? It just might.

    To have both the ex-British pm and the current one in ahead of the Presidents of France and Germany might be asking a little too much.

According to reports from Number 10 is investing a lot in Brown’s meetings with Obama at the G20 meeting that the PM is chairing in London in April. Could Tone’s move today take a little bit of the sparkle from that?

My money has been on Sarkozy at 7/4 and I think today’s event has made that bet even better.

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