MEMO to MSM: Pre-2001 polls cannot be compared

MEMO to MSM: Pre-2001 polls cannot be compared


Remember the days of the Labour over-staters?

Yet again in discussing the latest YouGov poll we have seen a pile of rubbish from supposedly “expert” pundits who should know better.

Just look at the polls above just as the 1997 general election was being declared. Look at the crazy Labour leads that were being forecasted. Compare them with the actual result.

    The issue, of course, is that all but ICM in 1997 were polling in the old-fashioned Labour over-stating way that has become totally discredited. Nobody polls like that any more and to make comparisons with current polling is total and utter bilge

The only pollster from the pre-2001 where valid comparisons are possible is ICM. Star pundits who argue in any other way are just exposing their ignorance.

Ipsos-MORI is still around but its methodology has evolved significantly over the last few year and again in the past twelve months.

I’ve laboured over this point before and will do it again. I know Labour supporters are desperate to find some comfort in their current situation but this is not one of them.

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