How big a screw-up was the “depression” word?

How big a screw-up was the “depression” word?

Does Brown need to be more careful at PMQs?

There’s been a big spin operation going on from Number 10 this afternoon to “make clear” that when Brown said he thought the world was “in a depression” it was, as they say, a “slip of the tongue.”

Not good particularly as it’s only a few weeks ago that his last big “slip of the tongue” led to the hiatus over him saying he was the “saviour of the world“.

The problem is that neither of the phrases are ones that you can treat lightly and the subsequent “clarifications” can be harmful in themselves. It also provides further ammunition for a newly energised Tory party following their change of fortunes in the polls.

Alas one of the prices you have to pay when you are the British Prime Minister is the weekly appearance at PMQs. It can often be a bear-pit and it must challenge even the most accomplished communicators. This is not an area where Brown is strong which, I guess, adds to his worries and undermines his confidence.

Add on the BJ4BW row and you can see a negative narrative developing over the Prime Minister saying things that he does not mean.

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