Is Sarah getting ready for 2012?

Is Sarah getting ready for 2012?

What chance has she of becoming President?

With Obama having being in office for only eight days Sarah Palin has made a move that is being seen as the first step to a run for the presidency in 2012. It might seem a long way off but campaigns planing has to start early and Palin appears to want to ensure that her party is aware of her ambition.

Her move has been to create a formal Political Action Committee which can attract donations to provide the platform for a base broader than governing Alaska.

In the betting you can get 27/1 on her doing it with Betfair though the best bookie price is 16/1.

    Clearly she starts with a very high profile and an appeal to the core Republican party base. But she’s going to need more than that to get the nomination.

Her gaffes in the autumn and the lack of support from John McCain might make it a bit of an uphill struggle.

We shall see.

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