The PB Poster of 2008: the Final round

The PB Poster of 2008: the Final round

Your chance to choose from the final four

We are now at the final stage in the battle to become PB Poster of 2008. There are now just four people left in the contest:-

  • David Herdson – winner of the “most insightful” category
  • SeanT – winner of the “most amusing” category
  • JackW – winner of the “best tipster” category
  • SallyC – winner of the “best newcomer” category
  • Voting will be by email to this address. Simply give your email the title – “My Vote” followed by the name of your choice as it appears. Thus “My vote SallyC” does it. Do not write any body text in your email because these will not be opened.

    Please vote just once in the manner set out which has been designed to make it easy at my end. Voting starts immediately and will continue until 2359 on New Year’s Eve. The result will be announced the following evening.

    You will appreciate that it will be difficult for me to enter into any correspondence about the election and my decision has to be final final. I am sure that none of us want this to be affected by voting irregularities.

    Today’s cartoon by Marf is her final one of the year. Her website is

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