Mori give Conservatives a boost

Mori give Conservatives a boost

LABOUR 32% (-5)
LIB DEMS 15% (+3)

Mori jumps from 3-point lead to 11-point lead

According to comments on the previous thread, Sky News is reporting that in tomorrow’s Observer newspaper, Ipsos Mori have a new poll which is startlingly different to their previous offering, which famously reduced the Tory lead to three points. Their latest poll is far more in line with what we have seen recently from other pollsters, such as yesterday’s ICM.

With the spreadbetting markets already having factored in the ICM post-PBR Conservative leads, I would be surprised if this confirmation of the PBR’s failure to nurture the Labour ‘bounce-back’ had any significant further effect. The question now is how the public will react to the ongoing saga of Damien Green’s arrest.

UPDATE (00:40): The new poll article is now up on the Guardian/Observer website


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