Has Mumbai come to the Government’s aid?

Has Mumbai come to the Government’s aid?

One of the things you quickly learn in the news business is that no story has intrinsic merit in itself. Everything is dependent on what else is going on when a new development comes on the scene.

So Cameron must be feeling a little frustrated this morning that his big attack on the government over the Damian Green arrest has been totally eclipsed by events in India. It’s tough – there’s really nothing the Tories can do about it.

The worry for Cameron is that not being able to step up the ante in the media – that his breakfast press conference was designed to achieve – might take the potency away from the affair.

The one positive element for him is that it is Friday and the affair broke at just the right time for the Sunday papers to get their teeth into.

So the debate continues and Cameron has set his stall out.

Mike Smithson

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