Will it be another gaffe-free performance from Obama?

Will it be another gaffe-free performance from Obama?

So here we are – the final debate of the 2008 US Presidential Election which is taking place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island. Although tonight the main focus on the economy the big question is whether, even at this late stage, John McCain can force Obama into an error that could change the race.

If the junior senator from Illinois survives then he could become an even hotter favourite than he already is.

A Politico analysis summed it up like this: “..the challenge confronting McCain is an opponent who rarely gets thrown off his game. Once considered a potential liability, Obama’s calm and cool nature is emerging as his overriding virtue and strategy in a campaign transformed by a financial crisis — and it’s a trait well-suited for debates that allow little of the give-and-take that might fluster the Democrat. By all accounts, the even-keeled temperament reflects the real Obama. But it is also part of a fiercely protected public image that he is selling to voters, meaning the odds that McCain scores points from either forced or unforced errors may be low.”

But McCain is a gambler and he might just have a surprise up his sleeve though it’s hard to work out quite what.

As usual the whole event will be covered in the UK on both SkyNews and BBC News from abour 2 am.

If you have not yet made your prediction on the number of electoral college votes that Obama will get the PB online “poll” will stay open until noon on Thursday.

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Mike Smithson

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