Labour get “global collapse” boost

Labour get “global collapse” boost

    But the Tories are still well above 40%

As expected Gordon Brown personally and Labour have received a poll boost in the wake of the global financial crisis. The figures from the latest survey in the Sunday Times with comparisons on the last poll from the firm are: CON 43%(-2): LAB 33%(+2): LD14%(-1)

As ever we have the usual problem of the paper comparing not with the last published poll from the firm but from the last survey that it commissioned – as though that mattered more than seeing the direct trend from the firm itself.

    The broad movement, however, is good for the government though they need that Tory share to get consistently below 40% before they can harbour any thoughts about David Cameron being stopped from getting a majority

The recent polling in the marginals with the suggestion that the Tories are doing disproportionately better in seats they are trying to win means that the idea of a 10% comfort zone might be misplaced. We’ve also seen other polling that shows that the Lib Dems can get higher shares when voters are told about the specific circumstances in their seat.

Given the massive exposure and the general view that Brown has been performing to his strengths the outcome is not unexpected. In this context it is hard for the opposition parties to say anything that will merit more than the most minimal coverage.

There are the usual non-voting intention questions with poll showing that Brown-Darling lead Cameron-Osborne by 33% to 27% on who is trusted most to handle the crisis. But to other questions 53% of those interviewed thought that the government was “too slow in acting” and while only 29% thought Brown was handling things well, against 37% who thought think he was handling things badly.

As Anthony Wells of UK Polling Report notes when asked which team they think will improve their standard of living, people also continue to favour Cameron and Osborne over Brown and Darling by 34% to 25%.

YouGov also asked about Peter Mandelson’s return. According to the paper by 41% to 17% people said it was a bad move, with 50% saying they still link him to spin and sleaze.

Mike Smithson

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