Can McCain pull back ground in Friday’s debate?

Can McCain pull back ground in Friday’s debate?

    How can he stop the seepage of support?

The big trend in recent days from the White House race has been the move back to Obama in the polls after appears what appears now to have been a temporary blip following the Palin pick and the GOP convention aftermath.

In the betting the latest Obama price suggests a 62% implied probability with McCain on 38%. Just over a week ago both contenders were heading towards evens. In the polls Obama hasn’t soared away but his lead looks solid.

The next big event is the first of the debates – to be held on Friday. The McCain camp is hoping that this could be a game-changer but the fact is that neither of them has really excelled on this form of platform.

McCain himself is trying to lower expectations – always a smart strategy. He told AP: “Have no doubt about the capabilities of Sen. Obama to a debate. He’s very, very good. He was able to defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton, who, as we all know, is very accomplished. He was able to, with his eloquence, inspire a great number of Americans. These will be tough debates.”

Meanwhile McCain has had to go on defence in the key battle-ground of Michigan following the revelation that he owns thirteen cars. That’s fine except that three of them are foreign. Obama and Michelle, by contrast, have just one car between them – American built.

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Mike Smithson

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