Republican Convention may be postponed

Republican Convention may be postponed

I’m at Denver International Ariport, and have just met up with an Executive Producer of a large corporate news channel. In the course of our conversation, he intimated (and said I could publish on condition of anonymity) that there is a reasonably strong chance that the Republican National Convention due to begin in Minneapolis-St-Paul, MN, next week might be postponed.

Apparently, some members of the McCain campaign and the RNC are concerned that, after the criticism over Hurrican Katrina and FEMA’s role in dealing with it, that TV pictures of the Republican Convention delegates eating canapes and drinking champagne whilst New Orleans is under mandatory evacuation from the Tropical Storm Gustav (to be instigated by the Mayor if it becomes a hurricane), might be suicidal to their chances in November.

How this might affect the unveiling of Sarah Palin to the nation, and the impact this could have on the General Election, I don’t know. This is by no means certain to happen, but it is apparently being discussed by the RNC, even at this late stage.

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