How big a gamble is Sarah Palin?

How big a gamble is Sarah Palin?

    Could she really just a heart-beat away from being President?

palin-vogue.jpgYesterday the focus was on the betting excitement of McCain’s running mate choice and the fact that the rock solid safe favourites had been ditched for someone who just eighteen months ago was Mayor of a town of just 9,000 people.

Well we have all had 24 hours to let the news sink in and frankly it is still breath-taking. Some of the information that’s been dribbling out really adds to the questions marks over McCain’s choice.

The fact that, apparently the two had only met each other on a couple of occasions; the fact that she supports the teaching of creationism alongside evolution; the fact that she is still embroiled in a messy row over allegations about the use of her powers as governor over what’s said to be a family issue etc.. all add up to what Pat Buchanan is calling “the biggest political gamble in American history”.

A Politico article headed “Six things the Palin Pick says about McCain” lists as number one the fact that the GOP nominee is desperate.

One US commentator, Dan Gerstein sums it up“He’s betting his presidency on a naked political play for holdout Hillary supporters and other female swing voters – and hoping that a large share of these predominantly pro-choice women will ignore or overlook Palin’s staunch pro-life, anti-stem cell views.”

That just about spot on. We’ll see how it plays out – but what an amazing and exciting election.

Mike Smithson

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