Labour’s polling nightmare continues – YouGov

Labour’s polling nightmare continues – YouGov


    Are polls like this news any more?

The August YouGov survey for the Daily Telegraph is out this morning and the figures are in the same broad territory that we have seen since the budget last March – Labour in dire trouble and the Tories in the mid or high 40s.

The numbers according to the paper are those recorded in the panel above showing changes on the last survey by the firm a fortnight ago. There is a slight discrepancy between the numbers in the online version of the paper and Anthony King’s analysis which talks of a 19% Tory lead.

This hardly matters and neither does the small dip in the Tory total. Everything still points to Labour suffering massive seat losses and Cameron coming to power with a comfortable majority.

The polls are so consistent at the moment that they are hardly news – but the nearer we get to the general election the more confidence they will give to punters who play the commons seat spread markets.

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Mike Smithson

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