Greetings from Denver

Greetings from Denver

    36 hours to go until the Democratic National Convention kicks-off in Colorado

After a nine-and-a-half hour flight, and some incredibly poorly-planned packing, I’ve arrived in Denver!

The city is already gearing up for the massive logistical challenge of catering for around 50,000 political junkies; airports on Terror Alert Orange, helpers with DNC badges everywhere, and customs officers managing cues of quintessentially English reporters delighted to be getting the best overseas gig of the year.

I spent the flight sat next to the charming Michael Gapes MP (Chairman of the Commons Select Committee on Foreign Affairs), who is attending Denver having enjoyed Boston so much four years ago (*that* Obama speech, and Kerry ‘reporting for duty’). Also on the flight, Sir Menzies Campbell, and I’ve heard from a few people that the UK Parliament is going to be well-represented, with David Lammy, Douglas Alexander, Lord Rennard, Hugh Bayley, Ed Milibandand several others in town to network/build alliances/attend a Willy Nelson concert up in Boulder.

I’m heading down to the Big Tent tomorrow to pick up my pass, and will be starting to ask the wonderful residents of Colorado how they feel about hosting the Convention, and what issues they think will matter in the three Western states up for grabs (Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico).

I desperately need to get some sleep, but I’ll spend a couple of hours watching American TV and hanging around some bars, to see how the US is responding to the idea of Vice President Biden of course!

I will be posting main threads as usual, but for more in depth ramblings and thoughts (plus the transcripts for any on-the-record interviews) check out Morus’ Denver Diary which will see irregular, but lengthy updates, subject to laptop battery survival.

In absence of any striking political analysis, some initial questions to get the discussion started:

How does the choice of Biden affect the tone and issue-focus of this election?

Will McCain choose a candidate specifically to face Biden, or will that be irrelevant?

What plans might Hillary Clinton have now?


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