When did Brian Schweitzer get ruled out?

When did Brian Schweitzer get ruled out?


    Is the NRA-sponsored Governor of Montana still in the running?

I am still of the view that there are plenty of names washing around that are done to muddy the issue of who Obama will actually choose.

I’m interested in the names that were in contention, but that the campaign have sought to keep out of the limelight whilst final-stage vetting was being done.

I mentioned Bill Richardson and (for the Republicans) Mike Huckabee for this reason a few weeks ago, but when thinking purely of the Democratic race, the name that has fallen out of contention for no-good-reason is Brian Scweitzer.

Catholic, libertarian-minded, NRA-sponsored, blue-collar, rural, and with executive experience – he is everything Obama is not. He is hugely popular in his home state (he will win re-election with almost 70% in November, if not running for VP), and although Montana’s 3 Electoral College votes are not likely to be crucial, it would be indicative of a ticket with broad appeal.

I can’t remember when or why we stopped considering him a serious contender. Is he still in with a shout?


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