Is this leak by Drudge significant?

Is this leak by Drudge significant?


    Drudge reports Obama-Bayh material being produced

Four years ago it was the aviation blogs that broke the story of the Kerry-Edwards ticket, when a plane was customised with their banner. Now Matt Drudge, who famously broke the story of Lewinski’s blue dress, is reporting that a firm in Kansas City is producing Obama-Bayh ‘material’.

Bumper stickers with any number of whacky tickets arent rare (‘Obama-McCain ’08’ is available if you think that’s still possible…) but industrial quantity production is either a private entrepreneur taking a massive risk, or the campaign spending its money ready for a big unveiling soon (or yet another head-fake!).

So, has the Senator (and former-Governor) from the state of Indiana already got the nod? The final countdown begins…


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