Could Obama be making the Gordon Brown mistake?

Could Obama be making the Gordon Brown mistake?


    Is the VEEP teasing like last autumn’s UK election speculation?

One of the main reasons why Mr Brown is in trouble now, as we all know, is that he and his team allowed the talk of an early general election last autumn to get out of hand. There was a sense that they were teasing the public, the media and the rest of the Westminster village and that when it all got called off the mood changed dramatically.

Is there a danger that the same thing could happen over Obama’s running mate where speculation is growing almost by the hour. Yes he has to make a decision but if its going to be one of the “safe” fairly humdrum choices such as Joe Biden then why all the delay?

It’s getting to a stage where unless the choice is so sensational that the news, when it dribbles out by text message, will seem something of a disappointment.

Just check out this from the ABC news political blog. Biden leaves his home and seems to rule himself out. When he gets back from his trip he tells the reporters camped outside something different and more equivocal.

Meanwhie every word that Obama is saying gets scrutinised to the nth degree. Last night the presumed nominee was talking about the choice using the term “he” – ruling out, apparently, all the female possibilities.

Assuming it isn’t the former First Lady then I still think that he has a big problem with the convention next week. Getting on for 45% of the delegates are for Hillary and he does not want to do anything to stoke up trouble on that front. Remember that there will be a roll call vote on Tuesday.

In fact it is even being suggested that the reason his acceptance speech has been moved from the convention centre to 90,000 seater stadium is to dillute the pro-Hillary factions.

VP betting.

Mike Smithson

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