Should Barack be “watching his back” in Denver

Should Barack be “watching his back” in Denver

    Could the Clintons “hog” the convention limelight?

The big overnight news is that Hillary’s name will be going forward to a roll call vote on the Tuesday leaving open the remote possibility that she could still win. The Obama team has agreed to this as a means of keeping some of the most ardent Hillary supporters on board.

About 45% of the delegates are for Hillary and the big danger for Obama is that the media could build this up into a more dramatic event than it is taking away some of the spotlight away from him.

Meanwhile the former Clinton aide who is now the most ferocious critic of the couple. Dick Morris, is warning the presumed nominee to “watch his back”. He believes that their aim is to stop Obama from winning so Hillary can stand in 2012.

He writes: “By hogging the publicity at the Democratic Convention and by keeping the spotlight away from Obama, the Clintons are going to do all they can to stop the Democrat from getting a bounce from his Convention appearance. How will they hurt Obama down the road? Bill will make off-handed comments, seemingly mistakes. A lose cannon, he will appear to be undisciplined as he follows a game plan to undermine the candidate. Hillary will do her best to avoid campaigning for Obama and will undercut him in any way she can without getting caught.”

More speakers have been announced including several who have been tipped as possible running mates – Evan Bayh and Bill Richardson amongst them. There’s an assumption that being given a slot is an indication that they have not been chosen. Whether that is true or not we will have to wait and see.

As the excellent VP Watch site notes: Speaking slots have still not been announced for: Gen. Wesley Clark, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and “Most of the rest of the people in the world.”

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