How much of an issue is McCain’s eighth decade?

How much of an issue is McCain’s eighth decade?

    Could viral videos like this start to have an impact?

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a bit of a move back to John McCain on the betting markets. Obama’s overseas trip, particularly the mass rally in Berlin, has not gone down well and the presumptive GOP nominee has been deploying what appears to be an effective attack strategy against his Democratic opponent. But still, I believe, McCain is weak on one of the things he can do nothing about – his age.

Almost from the start of this election process I have argued that the inevitable slowing down of responses and decline of the memory function as you grow older, would increasingly become an elections issue. How can you have a Commander-in-Chief who is in his eighth decade?

Well the above viral video is now doing the rounds and makes the case for me. As it gets closer to the election and it starts to get really dirty then the Obama camp have a mass of material to play.

If you are betting against Obama then do so by laying the Democrat on the betting exchanges or selling him on the spread markets. Don’t put a back or buy bet on McCain.

Mike Smithson

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