Could Harriet carry it with the support of women?

Could Harriet carry it with the support of women?


The detailed data from ICM’s weekend poll is now out and the most interesting findings are on who voters would like to see as next Labour leader in place of Gordon Brown.

Respondents were first asked who they would recognise if they saw them walking down the street. Not surprisingly the justice secretary, Jack Straw, who has been in high profile role for longer than any of them came out top with a 79% recognition factor. Second was Harriet Harman on 54% with David Miliband just one point behind. Alan Johnson, who many are tipping scored ony 29% with James Purnell on 9% and John Cruddas at 6%.

The answers on who people would like in the job are reproduced above. Straw comes top with Miliband in second place. But just look at the massive gender split with for Harman. Only 4% of the men wanted her with 14% of the women surveys saying she was their preference.

If it did come to an early contest, and I am far from convinced of that, I could see Harriet building on her appeal to women voters proposition.

Harriet Harman continues to be second favourite in the betting.

Mike Smithson

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