In the Sunday papers

In the Sunday papers


The main polling news on the big drop in Lib Dem support in the latest ICM survey is covered in the previous post.

The Mail on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph, and Observer all strongly feature the leaked memo containing Blair’s thoughts on Brown.

Fullest coverage is in the Mail, which received the leaked memo, written in the aftermath of the Labour conference last autumn.

‘There has been a lamentable confusion of tactics and strategy. Tactically, it was thought clever to define by reference to TB i.e. this was not the era of spin, we are going to be honest, the style would change etc.

‘Strategically the consequence was twofold: a) we dissed our own record – instead of saying we are building on the achievements, confronting new challenges, we joined in the attack on our own ten years – a fatal mistake if we do not correct it and b) because we were disowning ourselves as a government, we junked the TB policy agenda but had nothing to put in its place.

‘The real problem was not the brilliance of the Tory conference, but the hubris and vacuity of our own. This meant the Tories, by having something to say on policy, appeared substantial and to represent the future.

The Mail is also reporting that the PM may be forced to call off his planned reshuffle: “Labour MPs who support Mr Miliband say that if Mr Brown’s political fortunes do not improve in the next few weeks, Cabinet Ministers, including Mr Miliband, could stage a mass revolt and refuse to accept new jobs”, and the Telegraph reports that Miliband is planning “phase two” of his attack at Conference.

Meanwhile, John Cruddas, who is being pressed by the centre-left to stand as a “Stop Miliband” candidate, writes in the Independent that “we must fight the narcissistic dash for personal glory” while Stephen Byers, often seen as a Blairite outrider, says Labour has “a multitude of small policies and worthy initiatives that are more suited to a Sunday afternoon stroll” when the party has a mountain to climb to retain power.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Times reports on Brown’s plans for a green energy tax, and there’s comment from Michael Portillo “knifing Brown will kill Labour” and Andrew Rawnsley.

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