Labour drop to a record low with ComRes

Labour drop to a record low with ComRes


    National poll blow for Brown ahead of Glasgow East

The figures from ComRes for tomorrow’s Independent on Sunday are just out and show Labour with a record low share from the pollster.

Please note the comparisons above are from the last survey by the pollster – not the last survey in the Indy on Sunday. Newspapers always seem to assume that the comparisons we want are those from the last poll they published – not the last one from the pollster. This might be understandable with other papers but the Indy, which published the previous poll, and Indy on Sunday are close stable-mates.

There’s not a lot you can add. Labour continues to wallow in the doldrums.

The “big bold” traders who fix the spread betting prices at IG and Sporting Index have taken them down and there’s little value for spread betters on the Spreadfair betting exchange.

Mike Smithson

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