Tory lead down to 13% with Populus poll

Tory lead down to 13% with Populus poll


The July Populus survey for the Times is coming out this evening and some information is starting to come out. I have not got the figures yet but the Tory lead is the second highest ever from the pollster – which means that there has been a recovery since June when it was C45-L25-LD 20.

UPDATE: The shares are: CON 41% (-4): LAB 28% (+3): LD 19% (-1)

One of the headline items is that most Labour voters think that Gordon Brown is a loser.

There will be some relief in the Labour camp that after being in freefall for months another pollster, Populus, has reported an increase – to the same figure that YouGov had ten days ago.

But the Tories are still in the 40s and Labour are still in the 20s and this would mean a significant majority if these figures were to be replicated at a general election.

Peter Riddell in the Times writes: “However, this is still the second largest Tory lead in any Populus poll. Nineteen of the past 21 published polls, going back to late April, have put Labour at below 30 per cent, while only one poll has had the Tories below 40 per cent.”

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