In the Sunday Papers

In the Sunday Papers


Two columnists in the Independent consider the long-running Brown saga, with John Rentoul declaring that Labour awaits “The Issue” to topple Gordon, while Alan Watkins in the above piece argues that “tomorrow never comes” for Labour MPs:

    “His colleagues, if they do it at all – if they get rid of the Prime Minister – will do it tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. A hurdle is erected for Mr Brown to jump, or, at least, to scramble over somehow. He either falls down or, more ingeniously, manages to avoid the obstacle… Mr Brown is still in his place.”

Glasgow East features strongly elsewhere, with Andrew Rawnsley wondering whether a “Glasgow kiss” could prove fatal for Brown, while Matthew d’Ancona says that of the two by-elections, Glasgow is very much the main event. The Mail on Sunday says that no fewer than four potential candidates have turned down Brown’s personal pleas to stand in the by-election.

The other main political story is the fallout from the Ray Lewis resignation. The Sunday Times reports on the clash between the Conservatives and the church, with Nick Boles accusing church leaders of negligence. The Mail has further coverage, with allegations that Lewis took “some of the proceeds of a charity raffle and emptied a fund set up to help the poor in Nigeria”.

Meanwhile an editorial in the Sunday Times talks of Boris’ “magnificent own goal”:

    “Boris’s time in office was always going to be tumultous but few expected it to be this rocky so soon.”

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