Tory lead at 17% with Ipsos-MORI

Tory lead at 17% with Ipsos-MORI


The first national opinion poll to be published from Ipsos-MORI since the end of April is just out and shows the Tories with a 17% lead. The main figures are above.

The fieldwork was carried out by phone from June 13th – June 15th – so the polling was done at the start of last week.

The pollster has also revealed its figures for May which were CON 45%: LAB 13% 33%: LD 14%. These had been held up pending the review of the firm’s methodology which has now been completed.

I will be doing a separate piece on that over the weekend.

The main conclusions from these two latest pieces of data is the strong Tory showing – 45% in both polls which is very similar to the numbers we have been seeing from the other firms which have different approaches.

All this underlines the fact that Brown’s government has lost a lot of public confidence.

Mike Smithson

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