Does this add more pressure on Gordon?

Does this add more pressure on Gordon?


    MORI: Half of 2005 Labour voters “less likely to do it again”

A new poll by Ipsos-MORI sponsored by the Unison trade union has more bad news for Gordon as he prepares to celebrate his first year in Downing Street.

No voting intention figures were included in the survey all though interviewees were asked if they voted Labour in 2005.

In its commentary the pollster says: “Ipsos MORI’s survey for UNISON, shows that almost half (47%) of those who have ‘always’ or ‘more often than not’ voted Labour now say that they are less likely to vote Labour than they were at the 2005 General Election.”

The main result is in the panel above.

The interviews took place between 13 and 15 June which was immediately after the David Davis announcement.

MORI has made changes to its methodology following the Mayoral polling. This will be the subject of a piece I have set up for this evening while we are at the party.

Mike Smithson

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