Is Labour right not to fight the by-election?

Is Labour right not to fight the by-election?

    Have minister judged the public mood correctly?

Shortly after David Davis formally resigned this morning the Labour party confirmed that it would not be putting up a candidate in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election.

The decision was not unexpected particularly as the Labour PPC in the constituency is, or was, an opponent of his party’s 42 day detention without trial plan. It also avoids the embarrassment of having to deal with rebel Labour MPs who have said they will be campaigning alongside Davis.

    But what of the politics now – will Labour’s move simply underline their argument that Davis’s move is an empty gesture and a stunt – or will it be creating a hostage to fortune for the future?

This is a hard call and everything depends on whether Davis is able to sustain his case in the media in the next few weeks. If he does then Labour’s failure to even defend what they are doing might add to their problems.

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Mike Smithson

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