So how will the 42 days vote go?

So how will the 42 days vote go?


Can the government hold on for victory in the Commons?

Ben Brogan has quoted the PM’s spokesman as saying if the vote were held now “the Government would not have enough votes to win”, and also that there is no deal with the DUP. Currently Betfair offers 3 on a defeat for the government although it has traded as high as 25.

Ireland votes tomorrow in the referendum (the islands off Donegal voted on Monday) with the Yes side a comfortable favourite at about 1.3 on the markets. Do any of PB’s Irish experts know if we can expect an exit poll when voting closes on Thursday night? RTE coverage is here and the Irish Times is here.

David Herdson’s guest article should be up on the site tomorrow.

Don’t forget the PB Barbecue at the National Liberal Club – next Thursday from 6pm.

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