Is this how Labour could win in October 2008?

Is this how Labour could win in October 2008?


Just imagine that this weekend or next Gordon calls Andrew Marr into Number 10 for a live interview on Sunday morning.

Just imagine that when the TV crew are setting up it becomes clear that Gordon and Sarah are going to do this together.

Just imagine the programme opening with close-up shots of the two of them with smiles all over their faces and then, looking totally relaxed, him telling Marr that “some things are more important than work” and that he’s decided to give up on the advice of his doctor so that he can spend more time with his family at a critical time in their lives.

Just imagine the Downing Street spinners saying that Gordon is quite well except that he has been warned that his work-load governing the country is causing problems with his blood pressure which could, unless there are changes, lead to serious consequences.

Just imagine him saying that he’s telling the NEC of the Labour party that he will stay in post until the September conference to allow a leadership election to take place.

Just imagine it being announced that all the Brown family are to have a month-long vacation together in August on his beloved Cape Cod and some of the happy press pictures of the four of them from the agreed weekly photo opportunities.

Just imagine how he would be hailed approvingly as the man who put his family first and how this would lead to an amazing turnaround in his personal poll ratings during his final few weeks in office.

Just imagine how this and all the media attention on the ensuing leadership contest would completely block Cameron and his team out of the headlines and the bulletins.

Just imagine the first act of the new leader being to call a general election.

Would the Tories still be certain winners in these circumstances?

Mike Smithson

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